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GameZone Takes a Look at the Halo Wars Historic Battles Map Pack

July 31, 2009

GameZone Takes a Look at the Halo Wars Historic Battles Map Pack
By: Steven Hopper

The latest map pack from Microsoft’s flagship strategy title offers several great new maps and features.

Since it launched back in March, Halo Wars has been among the premier strategy games available for the Xbox 360, allowing gamers of all skill levels to get their hands on the well established Halo universe in a way that they couldn’t before. On July 16, Microsoft released the latest in a series of downloadable maps for the game, the Historic Battles Map Pack, available for Halo Wars owners via Xbox LIVE.

The pack offers up four new multiplayer maps for Halo Wars fans. Each map corresponds with a well known turning point in the war between the UNSC forces and the Covenant. As with other multiplayer maps, these can be played either online against human opponents or against the A.I.

The Historic Battles maps feature pretty diverse terrain. The maps are: Barrens, Blood River, Glacial Ravine, and Memorial Basin. All four maps have pretty varied terrain types, and require different strategies. Barrens, Blood River, and Glacial Ravine are also fairly close quartered, which allows for some pretty intense firefights. Memorial Basin on the other hand is fairly open, but offers up some nice changes between higher and lower ground.

You’ll also be able to earn four more achievements for a total of 100 added Gamerpoints. These achievements include:

  • Tour Coming Through (30 points): Hot drop 50 squads to your Covenant Leader in a single game on Memorial Basin

  • Never Leave a Man Behind (15 points): Finish a game with 5000 net resources contributed to your teammates on Barrens

  • Drain Cleaner (30 points): Kill 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant Leader Power on Memorial Basin

  • Killjoy (25 Points): Disrupt 5 active Leader Powers in a single game on Blood River

The new maps present a nice investment for fans looking to extend their Halo Wars RTS experience either online or off. The Halo Wars: Historic Battles Map Pack is available for download now for a price of 800 Microsoft Points.

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