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GameZone is recruiting for Fallen Earth

GameZone is recruiting for Fallen Earth

That's right! Come join the fun with trial key giveaways, contests and more in a sci-fi MMO

So ya wanna be a mutant, huh? Well, guess what, GameZone is looking for a few good mutants to join editorial members to hack, slash, and shoot mutant critters and other players (in the PvP zone, of course ... we wouldn't dream of being back-shooting sons - and daughters - of guns outside of allowable zones) in the Icarus Studios/Fallen Earth, LLC massively multiplayer online game, Fallen Earth.

Who can join?

Anyone not in a clan, basically. And if you are, then no worries, let's team up for epic adventures. There is a reason for that, of course ... in the coming weeks, we will be hosting a couple of contests and events that is certain to grab the imagination and interest of local denizens and new recruits alike. There will be some folks in the game that you chat with in the upcoming weeks to join the clan. We will reveal just who when we kick this off and have the clan in place (yep, it's a shameless plug but means you will have to pay attention to GZ for more news about all of this).

Do you look like this? Then either you are already playing Fallen Earth ... or, dude, we need to talk!

Who are you guys?

Good question, and one we will be happy to answer. Zone Warriors is sponsored by and includes editorial members from Some have played MMOs before (actually, some have played a lot of MMOs before ... seriously ... a lot ... seriously, if there was a Betty Ford Clinic for recovering MMOers, they would be charter members) and some are relative newcomers (or newbs, or n00bs, or targets) when it comes to MMOs. The idea is to team up, socialize, and have fun.

So, like, will I be famous?

We can't promise anything but we will be doing stories, journals, videos and there is a chance you will end up in all that coverage. So if you like to role-play, bring it! If you don't, no worries.

Electro-shock therapy is available to those who get too involved in the gaming?

More shameless plugs

Because anyone can, and we do, we will be doing some work through the GameZone pages on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

I might be interested, but don't play the game, so what do I do?

Now there ya go - a good question. will be hosting a few contests with some key giveaways, but if you can't wait for that announcement, then just hop over to the Fallen Earth home page (click that image below ... go ahead, we can wait) ...

... and hop into the free trial.

Fallen Earth is developed by Fallen Earth, LLC, which is a special entity of Icarus Studios. The game is rated M for Mature (17-plus) players, and contains blood and gore, drug references, language, suggestive themes and violence.

To wrap this up, we're gonna go all philosophical on you and hit ya with this quotable quote ...

“Action without thought is like shooting without aim.”

For more information on Fallen Earth just hit up our game page, and stay tuned for more stories on the game.

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