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GameZone 2.0: What Do You Want To See?


GameZone is currently going through a major redesign. We're going to be adding some really cool features that will not only make your browsing experience better, but bring you the content that you're specifically interested in. We here at the GZ offices love our community, and we want to ensure that you guys are seeing exactly what you want to be seeing.

So what is it exactly that you guys like and want to see more of?

More news? Facebook integration? Friend lists? Status updates? More contests?

We also want to ensure better user interaction, and want to allow you guys to post your own content, have a blog, share screenshots or gameplay videos, and have the opportunity to be featured on our front page!

The sky's the limit here (that might be an over exaggeration but you get the idea) so make sure you submit your suggestions in the comments below and we'll work our butts off to make it happen.

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