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GAMEVIL USA Launches Left Brain Bytes

February 4, 2008

GAMEVIL USA Launches Left Brain Bytes

Feed your brain with Left Brain Bytes

GAMEVIL USA, the LA-based mobile games publisher, announced today the launch of Left Brain Bytes, a fun puzzle game that will test your pattern recognition skills and short term memory.

Aimed to improve your left brain as you challenge yourself with various kinds of tests involving numbers, signs, and images, Left Brain Bytes comes with 5 challenging game modes, including an un-lockable one for the hardcore brain trainer. The fusion of modern, hip graphics with retro background images add nice visuals to the already stimulating game play. As you test your recognition, learning, and reaction abilities, your speed and accuracy become more and more important with each stage as the difficulty level increases. From remembering the order of the last few numbers you saw on the screen to picking out the item that doesn’t belong in the sequence, your desire to improve your brain will keep you coming back for more Left Brain Bytes.

“With more than 30 stages to play in each game mode, it’s a fun casual game that is a great break from the usual repetitive block-fitting and color matching games that players often find,” said Stephanie Huang, Marketing Manager of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. “So if your brain is hungry for something different and even a bit quirky, feed it with some Left Brain Bytes. Your brain will thank you later.”

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