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GameStop to start selling Steam cards


GameStop and Steam have been at the top of the video game world for a long time. GameStop is one of the most popular places to buy physical copies of games, and no matter how many people bitch that the trade-in system is a rip-off, those same people are the ones who shop at the games retailer. Likewise, Steam is one of the biggest digital distribution sites around, featuring a massive fan base of loyal followers.

It looks like the two giants will be forming an odd partnership. According to a source close to Kotaku, GameStop will now start carrying Steam cards, as evidenced by the main image I used for this article (that's me breaking the fourth wall), which is actually a legit screenshot taken by the mysterious source.

This makes absolute sense when you think about it. GameStop launched Impulse, a digital distribution platform of its own, but you just know it didn't catch on like the powerhouse that is Steam. Now, by teaming up with Steam, GameStop gets some of those delicious internet bucks that Steam's been raking in.

I'll probably never touch these Steam cards, but if you're one of those nervous types who's afraid of being robbed over the internet, watch out for these bad boys, which are rumored to go on sale starting May 15.


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