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GameStop sticking it to the man with this awesome trade-in promotion


With all that talk that used games may not play on next-gen consoles, GameStop is sticking it to the man with a new promotion that fully encourages game trade-ins. So if you're looking to do some spring (are we in summer now?) cleaning with your game collection, head over to GameStop where they are offering any game for only $9.99 with two trade-ins. Basically, the two games will act as a discount towards any $59.99 game, reducing it only to $9.99. Not a bad deal.

There is a small catch, though. The games you are trading in must be on the list of eligible trade-ins. Don't worry, the list is fairly long and many of the AAA blockbuster titles are on there, including Black Ops 2, FIFA 13, BioShock Infiniteand Injustice: Gods Among UsSeriously, go ahead and trade in Black Ops 2; after all, there's a new installment hitting store shelves this November.

And for all you publishers attempting to block used games on the next Xbox, suck it.

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