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GameStop's PS4 'first-to-know list' doubles the Xbox One

Shuhei Yoshida

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been selling out at a rapid pace at GameStop, but the retail giant revealed today some numbers that indicate the PS4 is drawing nearly double the interest compared to the Xbox One.

During the Q2 2013 earnings call, GameStop CEO Paul Raines revealed that 1.5 million members are on the PS4 first-to-know list, while just 700,000 are on the Xbox One list. On the surface, this seems to indicate that Sony's system is drawing heavier consumer interest, but keep in mind supply stocks are always shifting. Right now, the PS4 is currently sold out on the website, while you can still pre-order the Xbox One.

While it's likely we won't hear specific numbers anytime soon, Sony appears rather confident in its system. At Gamescom this week, Sony confirmed, while announcing a November 15th launch, that more than one million PS4's have been pre-ordered. Microsoft, meanwhile, stuck with its November release window and didn't share any pre-order numbers.

Whatever the case, GameStop has said that this holiday season will see "the largest console launch in hisory." And while we don't know who is winning the pre-order battle, Raines said that the retailer's launch allocations from both Sony and Microsoft are "much stronger" with the PS4 and Xbox One than they were for the release of the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Have you pre-ordered a PS4 or an Xbox One yet?


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