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GameStop research: 34% of PowerUp customers will buy a PS4 this year


The gaming industry desperately needs a jump start. After another lagging month in February, which saw hardware sales down a staggering 36% compared to February 2012, all eyes are on the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Although only one of those companies have revealed their next-gen system, the outlook is already positive.

GameStop president Tony Bartel, according to GamesIndustry, has noted there is "strong purchase intent for PS4." The comments echo those from earlier this month in which Bartel claimed "strong demand" for the PS4. Like before, his statements were again based on GameStop's own customers; nearly 900,000 consumers have now signed up to receive early information about the PS4 -- about 300,000 higher than earlier this month.

"We do believe demand will far outpace supply within the launch window, although we have been given no official numbers by Sony," Bartel added. Whatever the number is, it better be a good amount. Judging by data obtained from a recent PowerUp Rewards questionnaire, 34% of those polled expect to buy a PlayStation 4 in the next 12 months -- 10% more than the next highest device which is vaguely listed as "smartphone." The recently revealed PS4 is expected to release sometime in fall 2013.

Of course, all of this data could become moot once Microsoft unveils its next Xbox, which many expect the company will do relatively soon. While worldwide sales between the PS3 and Xbox 360 are nearly identical, the Xbox 360 has clearly dominated the American retail market. Will the same be true for the next generation? It's hard to say at this stage, but we do have some consumer feedback that could provide some very critical information. 

Additional consumer research from GameStop showed that 60% of customers would be significantly less likely to buy a console that blocks used games. "It's clear that consumers have a very strong point of view; that's not a debate, that's obvious," said CEO J. Paul Raines during the company's earnings call.

Have you been impressed with what you've seen out of the PS4 or are you looking forward to what the next Xbox has to offer?


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