GameStop Quietly Begins Buying/Selling Used Skylanders Toys

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While old Xbox games and Rock Band parephrials may no longer be accepted at GameStop for trade ins, another apparently more popular item has been. Skylanders toys have begun to be accepted by GameStop for trade in, and used resale. While this hasn't been rolled out nationwide (yet) it is in its testing phases for some parts of the country. 

Our information suggests modest prices for the more common figures but for the legendary and more hard to find Skylanders the price is upwards of $20 dollars. The price sheet has since been removed from the web, but its interesting none the less. 

With this reselling of gaming figures, one has to wonder how long it will be until you'll have to purchase online passes to use these used figurines the same way you do for games, these days.

Source: Pixelitis

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