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GameStop launches “Never Walk a Trade” program

GameStop launches “Never Walk a Trade” program

With Wal-Mart and Best Buy offering competitive trade-in values, GameStop isn’t sitting still. They’ve launched the “Never Walk a Trade” program, which allows store employees to give an extra 20% value for their games.

Curious to see whether or not this was in effect, I ventured to my local GameStop and inquired. Without any hassle, my copy of Madden NFL 25 was bumped up 20%, on top of the bonus I already got for my Power Up Rewards Card, totaling $37.50 in trade-in credit for Madden. Not too shabby.

Gamestop sent the following statement to GameSpot regarding the new “Never Walk a Trade” program:

We did just launch a program called ‘Never Walk a Trade.’ The program includes many features, one of which includes empowering our store managers and associates to offer customers – when they believe it is needed—the best value for their pre-owned video games and consumer electronic products. This program is focused on helping ensure we continue to provide the most valuable trade-in offers against all competitors and not lose an opportunity to meet your customer’s needs based on trade-in value.

GameStop really, really wants you to trade in your games and systems with them and not the competitors.


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