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GameStop digital distribution general manager Steve Nix departs from the company


Despite GameStop’s lackluster performance in overall sales last fiscal year, the company’s digital distribution branch saw a significant boom, led by general manager Steve Nix. However, today Nix announced that he will be leaving GameStop for a position at investment firm Dallas Venture Partners.

Nix, who announced his decision at Games Industry International today, told the audience that he’s "not leaving the gaming space,” confirming that he’s already working on more than one unannounced project, and that we can expect to hear more from him and these projects “soon.”

"I enjoyed my time at GameStop as GM of Digital Distribution and being able to help grow digital revenue at a 48 percent compound annual growth rate during my two years there to $630 million. After a decade of being on the content and technology development side, I really appreciated the opportunity to learn the 'other side' of the retail video game business as an executive at GameStop," he said.

"I've had the good luck to be able to previously work in venture backed startups, mid-size technology companies that were ultimately acquired, and then being the acquirer in my most recent experience. I am tremendously excited to start working with emerging companies, engaged with disruptive technologies again that will see rapid growth in the coming years. I love building companies and I'm very happy to be able to work with the group at Dallas Venture Partners to pursue my passion there."

Since joining GameStop in February of 2011, Nix helped the company jumpstart its digital “scene,” and is leaving on the heels of GameStop’s record-setting quarter in digital sales – one that saw a 60.3 percent jump from its previous quarter.

GameStop has yet to comment on Steve Nix’s resignation, but if Nix’s comments were any indication, it seems that both parties left on good terms, though he’ll certainly be missed during this time of digital growth at GameStop.

Source: [Games Industry International]

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