GameStop currently offering $40 for Xbox One Kinect trade-ins

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Following the Xbox One’s separation from its camera, GameStop has opened the gates on Kinect trade-ins and is currently offering $32 cash or $40 in-store credit for the peripheral.

The sensor currently averages upwards of $70 on eBay, dwarfing GameStop’s offer. For comparison: the PlayStation 4’s camera, which retails for $59.99, will net you $27 in-store credit or $21.60 in cash. Surprisingly, original Kinect cameras from the Xbox 360 days are still up for trade as well, bringing in a whopping $4 credit or $3.20 in cash.

Kinect-less Xbox Ones went on sale earlier this month, eager to flaunt their lowered $399 price tag. However, standalone Kinects will not become available until later this year, presumably within the $100-120 price window.

[via Polygon

Austin Wood
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