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GameStop announces Mass Effect 3 pre-order bonus


With Mass Effect 3 a mere months away, the always difficult decision of where to pre-order the game is looming over the heads of gamers.  Pre-order from retailer A and get exclusive item B.  Pre-order from retailer B and get exclusive item A.  It's one of the most difficult decisions a gamer has to make - and it's not getting any easier. 

GameStop has just announced their pre-order incentive for the highly-anticipated Mass Effect 3.  Pre-order and purchase the game here and you can get an exclusive N7 Valkaryie Rifle and Defender Armor. 

However, GameStop isn't the only retailer offering incentives to purchase the game from them.  The always competitive,, is offering a free $10 gift card when you purchase the game from them.  Now, it won't be good for in-game bragging rights, but it sure will be good when another blockbuster game releases - and you know we're poised for another big November this year.  My prediction is developers will only top 2011's November.

The great thing about exclusive pre-order bonuses is it won't make or break your experience with the game.  Usually, it's minor appearances or low-level weapons to start you off. 

So the decision is yours - will you be taking the Valkaryie Rifle and armor from GameStop, or the free $10 from Amazon?

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