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Gamescom reveals new League of Legends champion Syndra


Whenever a new AP mage character comes out, I always get excited.  Across the pond right now in Germany, Riot at Gamescom is showing off and allowing folk to play their even newer character then Rengar to League of Legends – Syndra.  From what I’ve gathered, she is a gravity based spell caster.  From the gameplay videos, she will a mid-lane champ.

Thanks to some zealous folk on Reddit, we have a preview of her abilities:

Passive: (Thanks to xgribbelfix & Naekos for confirmation)

  • Abilities on maximum level gain bonus effects:
  • Dark Sphere: Deals 20% bonus damage against Champions.
  • Willpower : Knock an enemy in the air for a short time.
  • Dispersing of the Weak: Works on a 50% wider area.

Q: Dark Sphere: 40 mana | 5s cooldown Conjures a dark sphere, dealing 70 (+16)[.55] magic damage. The sphere lasts for up to 8 seconds long and can be manipulated by Syndra's other abilities.

W: Willpower: 60 mana | 12s cooldown First activation: Grabs a dark sphere or enemy minion.

  • Second Activation: Hurls a dark sphere, or minion. Enemies struck take 80 (+19)[.6] magic damage and are slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.

E: Dispersing of the Weak: 50 mana | 14s cooldown Deals 60 (+13)[.5] magic damage and flings back opponents and dark spheres. Enemies hit by spheres are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

R: Unleashed Power: 100 Mana 100s cooldown Syndra uses all her cataclysmic might and all her dark spheres to deal 70 (9)[.2] magic damage ( at the minimum of 210 (28)[.6] to one enemy champion.

Here is her art and reccomended items:

Syndra Art

Syndra Items

Thanks to, two short hand-held recorded videos exist showing off her gameplay and some of her mechanics.  Enjoys those below.  I’m jealous of everyone at Gamescom right now.


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