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Gamescom 2016: Check out 7 minutes of Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay

The most realistic medieval RPG you'll ever play

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the most anticipated RPGs not named Mass Effect or Final Fantasy, but everyone should know its name if you don't already. Deliverance's angle is that it is delivering an open world medieval RPG in the vein of something like Skyrim with absolutely no supernatural or magical elements. The big question is whether or not it can deliver on the fun factor without relying on the trivialities of fiction, and if this latest gameplay presentation is anything to go on, it's certainly on the right track. 

The presentation showcases the game's combat systems which require players to learn how to parry and block sword attacks in a realistic fashion. New to the game is a variety of stealth mechanics that will allow players to steal, stab and choke other NPCs, creating alternative approaches to objectives in a game that is designed to be open-ended in terms of how you go about solving its obstacles.

What's also cool are the different properties and contexts that you can use the game's weapons. The best example of that in the presentation comes from the polearm, which you can see lets the player reach up and shove people off of their horses, taking away the enemy's height advantage and leveling the battlefield.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance currently doesn't have a concrete release date, but is due to come out sometime in May of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: [YouTube via EuroGamer

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