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gamescom 2014: Until Dawn is "a horror game unlike any other, anyone can survive, anyone can die."

Until Dawn

I'm watching Sony's gamescom 2014 press conference, and I feel like they just owned gamescom, dropped the mic and walked off the stage. But they didn't. After Sony announced Share Play for PS4, they followed it up with a gameplay trailer for Until Dawn

Until Dawn is "a horror game unlike any other," and is being made by Supermassive Games. It is inspired by classic movies in the horror genre, and it features amazing characters, dialogue and a twisted, shocking story. 

The story follow this:

On the anniversary of their friends' disappearance, a group of classmates visit the site of the mystery to bury their ghosts and get some closure. Little do they know, they'll end up burying each other instead...

In Until Dawn, you'll play as multiple characters. And it's a game where anyone can survive, and anyone die. Until Dawn will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2015.

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