gamescom 2014: Catch a first look at Square Enix’ new title Life Is Strange

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It’s been a scant two days since Square Enix revealed their new episodic project Life Is Strange, but the fledgling game has already made its gameplay appearance.

Creative director Jean-Maxime Moris presented the game to the press earlier today (as seen in the video above, courtesy of DualShockers), explaining its premise and mechanics. Protagonist Max wields the ability to rewind time, which supports the narrative focus of the game.

Resetting the environment allows the player to revisit instances of division, exploring every possible outcome in an effort to find the most favorable result. Moris asserted that this does not in any way break the game, mind, as a beneficial short-term result may prove disastrous in the long run, but the player has no way of knowing this.  

Life Is Strange is currently slated to release over the course of five episodes a la Telltale Games, with each carrying over the implications of the previous. 


Austin Wood
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