[Gamescom 2012] Until Dawn is a survival horror game that uses PlayStation Move

Playstation Move Screenshot - Until Dawn

Announced at Gamescom this week, Until Dawn is a survival horror game that takes players to a cabin in the woods. Cue every horror movie ever.

Despite the familiar premise, developer Supermassive Games is confident the game will "will draw you in with its characters, killer dialogue, and shocking, twisted story.”

Until Dawn takes advantage of the PlayStation Move. Supermassive has created games using this controller before, with titles such as Start the Party and Tumble. Its upcoming release, Walking with Dinosaurs, will use Sony's Wonderbook augmented reality edutainment product.

For Until Dawn, the team has been working "with Hollywood writers and US TV talent, doing our best to bring the teen horror experience to PlayStation."

The Move controller "will act as your flashlight, guiding your way through the darkness, or when you want to use something the controller will intuitively map your actions in the real world to those of your character’s hand in the game world." It sounds a little like the mechanic in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii, only enhanced.

The game will release in 2013 for PlayStation 3.

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