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[Gamescom 2012] Sony finally announces new Vita title: Tearaway

Though much has been made of what a technological marvel the PS Vita is, the console has been sorely deprived of software, with Sony mentioning just two titles (Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty) at E3 2012. Thankfully, the Gamescom 2012 show is giving up hope that this awesome portable will soon be seeing some original software, with the announcement trailer for Tearaway promising to make use of the Vita's various features. Apparently inspired by the world of papercraft, the game tasks players with helping their paper character to navigate a strange storybook world, using the rear touch pad to move objects, blowing on the microphone to manipulate the envirorment, and of course plenty of cool touchscreen interactions as well.

In short, we're so desperate for new Vita games we're willing to give anything a shot. Thankfully though, this looks like a truly killer app. We'll be waiting to hear more!

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