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GamersFirst Has Released A Limited Contract For Fulfillment By Selected Mercenaries

May 29, 2009

GamersFirst Has Released A Limited Contract For Fulfillment By Selected Mercenaries

Parabellum is now in Closed Beta

GamersFirst in cooperation with Acony announce the release start of closed beta for Parabellum at

Parabellum begins in the year 2018 and wars are being fought in a whole new way. Armies stand idle while specialist teams carry out precision strikes - straight in, straight out and get back home in time for drinks at the bar. This is a good time to be a mercenary. 'Private security' firms handle everything from ground-pounding to covert operations. Governments like the deniability of mercenary actions and mercenaries like money; to the men and women on the frontline however it is simply business. Welcome to your new office.

“Parabellum is the newest and most compelling game to hint the market under the Free2Play business model.” David Demers Associate producer, GamersFirst “GamersFirst is honored to be able to deliver the quality in free2Play that all gamers desire.”

The Parabellum closed beta will be offered with four maps that can be played in either Team Death Match or Reinforcement mode. Gamers will have access to two pistols, ten primary weapons and three different support weapons. Along with the necessary tools of the trade all gamers will have access to millions of options to customize there character.

"We are very proud to take our relationship with GamersFirst to the next level. The entire team has worked diligently towards this goal, and everyone involved is very excited indeed.” Stated Andre Herbst, Marketing Director/Founding Partner, Acony “We are extremely excited about the opportunity of hearing feedback from the gaming community during this important closed beta phase."

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