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Gamers prefer PS4 over Xbox One, according to social media buzz


So who won the first round of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reveal? If you're judging by social media buzz and response, it would have to go to Sony and the PS4. Fizziology, who last week provided us with a social media breakdown of hype leading up to the new Xbox reveal, has followed up with us, revealing that this week's Xbox One reveal "didn't quite live up to gamers' expectations."

In the past 24 hours, the social media research firm tracked more than 12.8 million mentions. Surprisingly, the reveal of the Xbox One has led to an increase in negative sentiment towards Microsoft's new console. Fizziology found that 24% of the social media conversation was positive while 21% was negative. In comparison, the sentiment prior to the reveal was 8% more positive (32%) and 11% less negative (10%).

It seems the majority of negative buzz surrounding the Xbox One was "Xbox moving away from gamers." While the firm doesn't specify exactly what this means, I assume it has to do with the Xbox becoming more of an "entertainment hub." The entire first half of yesterday's presentation was dedicated to showing off things like fancy gestures and voice commands and a shift towards entertainment and television. It was only in the last 30 minutes or so that Microsoft began showing some games -- and even that was very limited. 16% of the negative buzz had to do with the actual name of the console.

Other findings indicate that 14% of the negative buzz had to do with information revealed later on in the day, like the Xbox One's alleged inability to play used games. Though I feel that has more to do with confusion surrounding the entire situation. Microsoft has yet to clarify how the Xbox One will handle pre-owned games, though Major Nelson did say that Xbox One was designed "to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail."

As for the actual console being shown, which Sony did not do at its PS4 announcement event, that may have actually hurt the Xbox One. Research found 14% thought the new Xbox was "ugly." I'm part of that 14%. Damn thing looks like an old-fashioned VCR.

Overall, 7% believe Microsoft just "fu*ked up" with its new console. Do you agree?

Did Microsoft "fu*k up" the Xbox One and its reveal or were you pleased with what you saw? Are you any closer in deciding whether to get a Xbox One or PS4, or possibly both?

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