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Gamers appeal to BioWare's sweet tooth with 402 cupcakes


Fans of the Mass Effect series have not taken kindly to the controversial ending to the most recent installment. Some complaints have been rude, and others constructive, but one group of gamers has decided to butter up BioWare with a big batch of cupcakes.

Four hundred and two of them, to be exact—all en route to the company's office in Edmonton, Canada.

A user on the developer's official forums left this note about the tasty strategy:

We are currently trying to organize the delivery of a mass of cupcakes to Bioware's studio in Edmonton. All the cupcakes will be divided into equal parts Red, Blue and Green colors... but they will all taste exactly the same. If you'd like to participate, please check out the thread below and let us know.

This coming week, we should send Bioware boxes upon boxes of a dozen cupcakes. We are taking ideas as to what sort of notes we should have attached on each box. Some possibilities include:

- "No matter what color you choose, they all taste the same";
- "No matter what color you choose, it's all vanilla ;-D"
- "We rage because we love"

The campaigners raised $1,131 in support. They ordered the pastries through Fuss Cupcakes—a shop with two locations in Alberta, Canada, that is probably getting some of the best word-of-mouth right about now, as it plans to offer franchise opportunities starting this year.

According to the group, they wanted BioWare "to add some more 'sweet' to their 'bittersweet' ending." Their tactic was one of encouragement in contrast to the outpouring of negative reactions in recent weeks. Labeled either A, B, or C, the custom desserts reference Executive Producer Casey Hudson's statement, “It’s not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C …The endings have a lot more sophistication and variety in them.”

"As fans, we want Bioware to do right by us, and fix the endings for Mass Effect 3," the group said. "But we also want to let Bioware know, that we trust them, and have faith in them."

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