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Gamer Writes Tribute Song for Miyamoto


I'm a fan of Shigeru Miyamoto. Because of this awesome guy, I am able to play a number of awesome games. Cliffy B. is also a Miyamoto fan and even cites the Nintendo employee as his inspiration for being a game developer.

I'm certain there are countless other individuals out there who also like Shiggy. Apparently, though, the combined efforts of myself, Cliffy B., and every other Miyamoto fan are nothing compared to Jarek Matthew Jones. This guy has us all beat because he actually wrote a freaking song for the creator of Mario and Zelda.

Titled "Father of My Childhood," the song talks about how Miyamoto provided Jones with the entertainment he so desired as a child. He also thanks him for teaching him how to play video games. According to the song, Miyamoto also played a big role in raising Jones.

Check out the song for yourself on YouTube. It's got a catchy beat, and the lyrics are incredibly powerful. They're almost too powerful. Well, if Miyamoto goes missing, we'll know where to look first.

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