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Gamer buys Nintendo Switch dev unit at Best Buy, returns it; Hackers cry

I'm happy they returned it. The Switch doesn't need an exploit yet.

Gamer buys Nintendo Switch dev unit at Best But, returns it; Hackers cry

A gamer with questionable luck managed to purchase a Nintendo Switch that had no operating system and exchanged it for a working Switch, much to the disappointment of Switch owners that wanted to jailbreak the system.

A Redditor who once went by the name theskabandit777 went to Best Buy to purchase a Nintendo Switch, but things ended up a little different than they expected. After purchasing their Nintendo Switch, they went home and booted it up to play some games, unfortunately, there was no operating system. The Nintendo Switch turned out to be in Dev Mode! 


The new Nintendo Switch owner, upset over not being able to play on their newly procured console/handheld rushed back to Best Buy and exchanged their unit for a brand spanking new one, with an operating system.

Of course, this led some Nintendo lovers to become upset, as the Switch without an operating system could have been sold to a hacker for a steep price. The hacker then would work on jail breaking the Nintendo Switch to allow for games to ripped, exploit the system and more.

The Redditor who originally purchased the Switch and exchanged it quickly deleted their account and posts.

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