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GameFly doesn't yet understand PlayStation Now's potential impact on business

PS Now

When PlayStation Now was unveiled yesterday, GameStop's stock took a hit, with shares dropping by 9 percent. With PlayStation Now offering gamers a way to stream PSOne, PS2, and PS3 games to their PS4, Vita, or other connected electronic device, there's growing concern over how it could affect GameStop's business model, particularly the used game portion which would undoubtedly be hardest hit.

GameStop isn't the only company that could see an impact affect its business, though. GameFly, the leading by-mail game rental service could also be in trouble, although the company readily admits "The PlayStation Now service is too new for us to fully understand potential impacts." Because of this, the company offered "no comment" when pressed for one by GameSpot.

Given the potential of PlayStation Now's streaming capabilities, it's quite conceivable that GameFly's business could be hurt should users opt to stream back-catalog games like The Last of Us or Beyond: Two Souls rather than rent them from GameFly.

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