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Gamecock Media Group Supports Rock the Vote with

February 5, 2008


Non-Partisan Site Promotes Voter Registration to Video Game Audience and Offers Comic Relief with Party Game Hail to the Chimp’s Animalistic Approach to the Political Process

Hail to the Chimp Campaign Bus in Los Angeles for Super Tuesday

Fired up and ready to go! Today video game publisher, Gamecock Media Group, announced the launch of, a site aimed at video gamers to promote voter registration using its special brand of animalistic political humor.

“Gamecock wants YOU to vote in the human American presidential election,” said Mike Wilson, Gamecock Media Group’s Grand Champeen and CEO. “And, perhaps more importantly, to check out Hail to the Chimp’s candidates and get involved in the first ever presidential election for the new animal republic!”

Gamecock has been on the campaign trail adding some humor to the intensity of the election process and hoping to inspire the vote in the process. With a cast of furry animal candidates from its upcoming politically charged party game, Hail to the Chimp, Gamecock has partied with Rock the Vote at the Iowa Caucus, and, most recently, visited with the University of South Carolina and their newspaper, The Daily Gamecock, at the South Carolina Primary.

Mike continued, “Our original intent was to join the campaign trail with Hail to the Chimp to provide much-needed comic relief from the election season. And, now that Colbert’s not running, we thought we’d better focus our attention on those who are. However, our meeting with Rock the Vote inspired us to use our gaming muscle to energize people in the election process. Thus was born,” will include an embedded widget where gamers can register to vote. The site will also feature campaign trail video clips and images of Hail to the Chimp’s giant, furry-costumed animal candidates – from Crackers the monkey to Hedwig the polar bear. Woodchuck Chumley, Hail to the Chimp’s animal kingdom woodchuck newscaster, will be on assignment, and even a cock-masked Gamecock or two will make an appearance.

Created by Wideload Games, Hail to the Chimp is a fast-paced party game that delivers exciting gameplay, lush interactive environments, and a comic look at politics. It is a bare-knuckled fight to win the crown of President of the animals. The Hail to the Chimp ballot now boasts ten candidates, each with their own personality, platforms and style. Just like any political race, mud is being slung, names are being named, alliances are being made and broken, and the candidates are clawing up the ladder to reach that golden seat.

The story of Hail to the Chimp is delivered through a metaphor of the election process. The ten candidates in the game have their own back stories, and there are rivalries between the candidates and opportunities to team up and make alliances. It's all there -- the flawed electoral system, the political back-stabbing, the self-possessed newscasters and pundits, fundraising with the fat cats, hostile debates and even the inane political ads.

Hail to the Chimp features a wide variety of arenas as well as myriad goal oriented match types. The title is scheduled for release in late May 2008 for next-gen consoles.

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