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Game on the Month January

February 7, 2010

Game on the Month – January
By Dakota Grabowski

January was a thrill ride

After skipping out on the busy holiday season of 2009, many titles instead moved into the New Year and have benefited with time for polish and extra marketing space. The results are clear and January, a month that is usually a wasteland for new software, turned out to be a month packed with stellar titles that have satisfied the hunger of many gamers worldwide.

So with so many superb titles releasing so soon after Christmas, it was literally a shootout to win our prestigious Game of the Month award that is handed out, of course, every month of the year.  After much deliberation, our winner is…

Mass Effect 2

After a unanimous vote from all the editors here at GameZone, Mass Effect 2 comes away with the first sweep.  Receiving a 9.5 in our full review, Mass Effect 2 was a breathtaking title by all merits. Here’s what a few of our editors had to say on the title:

“Was there any doubt?”

Even more so than its predecessor, Mass Effect 2 moves leaps and bounds to give you a true feeling of what it's like to be in the shoes of the Commander Shepard. Each choice you make has consequences large and small, and can have dire effects on the course your personal story takes. The gameplay has received a substantial boost, with vastly improved combat mechanics and fluid controls. This is definitely one to check out if you're at all an RPG fan,” said News Editor Steven Hopper.

“After self-reflecting about the decisions I made in Mass Effect 2 in my first and second playthrough, it’s apparent that BioWare created a title that draws gamers in and keeps them coming back begging for more. It remains in your thoughts, it comes up in everyday conversations and when you are playing other games, all you can think about is getting back to playing Mass Effect 2. It’s a one-of-a-kind game that delivers excitement in droves,” said Community Manager Dakota Grabowski.

With a scratch that we are dying to itch, we can only pray for a speedy conclusion to the series with Mass Effect 3.

* * *

Our January runners-up turned out to be …


“While some of the gameplay elements were certainly familiar, the integration of story and game vision presented an intriguing bit of entertainment that pulled the player through the game. There always seemed to be a bigger boss, a new objective – and all underscored with that sense of purpose born of betrayal and executed in a brutal and vengeful way,” said Editor-in-Chief Michael Lafferty.

“Ain’t no thang but chicken wang.”

“Borrowing elements from games like God of War all the way to Mega Man, Darksiders was a visceral and entertaining romp. The game features great art direction, an interesting story, and more gore than you can shake an oversized sword at,” said Steven Hopper.

Check out our full review.

No More Heroes 2

“The tone and style of No More Heroes 2 utterly reeks of ‘awesome.’ Travis Touchdown is a hero that I can certainly root for,” said Dakota Grabowski.

“I’m dancing with joy!”

“I am hard pressed to think of a game that has more creativity and personal style,” said freelance contributor Caleb Newby.

Check out our full review.

With January over and done with, February is on its way to jam-packed month full of gaming with releases of BioShock 2, Dante’s Inferno, Heavy Rain, Sins of the Solar Empire: Trinity, Shiren the Wanderer, Last Rebellion and Star Ocean: The Last Hope International.

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