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Game of the Month March: God of War III

April 6, 2010

Game of the Month – March: God of War III
By Steven Hopper

Kratos is back with a vengeance and ready to rip the Greek pantheon up like Christmas paper.

Ah, springtime. A time of growth and rebirth, when the shackles of the cold, barren winter are cast aside for warmth, sunshine, and rain showers. However, the rain showers had a different tone this past March, as they seemed to be raining down blood and destruction. At least, as far as gamers were concerned, since last month marked the release of the latest God of War game and our March 2010 Game of the Month, God of War III.

God of War III

Kratos’s third and presumably final journey marked his first foray on the PS3, and ultimately was a good trade-up from the technical limitations of the PlayStation 2. God of War III featured some of the best graphics delivered yet on Sony’s wonder-console, featuring superb art direction, fantastic animation, and some of the most visceral blood-letting and combat this side of the Peloponnesian Wars. The game was a thrill-ride from start to finish, offering some epic mythological beasts for you to see, encounter, and disembowel. Not one for the squeamish, but definitely an experience that no of-age PS3 owner should miss out on.

Read GameZone’s full review here.

Runner Up: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Our official review said: “Even though the single-player campaign still isn’t where it needs to be, Bad Company 2 is definitely a great sequel that builds on its predecessor in every way, making for one that no shooter fan will want to miss, especially if you go online for your gaming.”

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is definitely an improvement over its predecessor, offering up a more cohesive single-player mode and online play that is extremely fun and addictive. While it’s not quite the “CoD-killer” that EA hyped it up to be, it’s still a hefty boot-step in the right direction.

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