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Game Entertainment Europe Releases Hovorun Open Beta

September 11, 2008

Game Entertainment Europe Releases Hovorun Open Beta

Game Entertainment Europe announced today that the Beta version of Hovorun has been officially released for Open Beta. Hovorun ( is Europe's first casual online multiplayer racing game. The open beta will be made available for gamers in the European territory including Russia and Turkey. Hovorun is currently available in English and will soon be followed by a Dutch, German and French version.

Hovorun is a 3D casual racing game developed by Korean game developer Lots Entertainment. The game is a Free2Play game and the game client (87MB) can be downloaded for free. The game has many interesting features such as a clan system, a shop with many different items for purchase, high scores tournaments, friends lists and an in game chat.

Users are able to buy GO (virtual credits) to obtain cool items in game for new avatars or to change their avatar with scarves, goggles, helmets etc. Users can also choose the Hovo mode to switch gears for the hovercraft vehicles to enhance their racing skills. And for those who are really good at playing the game, it is possible to use their experience points to buy exclusive items. When gamers start playing Hovorun, they will receive one Hovo and avatar for free.

"Hovorun has a wide appeal to the European target group who love to play casual games. With this Open Beta, we want to get gamers in Europe to provide their feedback and help us improve our services for the game," said Richard van Barneveld Hovorun, CEO , Game Entertainment Europe.

"A revolutionary feature of this game is that it includes a real time dynamically profiled advertising mechanism that can be controlled by the advertising handling companies themselves. Beside this feature it is possible to handle all kinds of advertising methods ranging from sponsored items to entire branded race tracks", said Jurriaan van Rijswijk, CCO of Game Entertainment Europe.

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