Game sharing could still come to Xbox One

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer “hasn’t given up on” implementing the family sharing plan that the company spoke so highly of at the start of the console generation.

Microsoft’s decision to remove the DRM constraints on Xbox One games—amusingly known as the company’s first ‘180’ of the generation—brought with the loss of the ability to share game libraries with friends. In a new interview with Gamer Tag Radio, Spencer discussed that plan’s viability today.

“I haven’t given up on those ideas,” he said. “There’s some complexity now that you’ve got these discs around that have DRM that you’ve got to figure out. But it’s definitely part of our map with the overall product.”

That Spencer, and derivatively the Xbox design team, still consider the functionality part of the Xbox One’s “map” speaks volumes about the likelihood of it being added in. However, particularly where physical copies are concerned, sharing individual games, much less entire libraries, is easier said than done. Sharing digital titles, on the other hand, is a promising and comparably simple prospect.

[via GameInformer, image via Gottabemobile]

Austin Wood
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