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Game Party Champions announced for Wii U


Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced Game Party Champions, a new skill-based party game for the Wii U featuring arcade, sports, and party games.

It'll have your traditional basketball and football mini games as well as the more obscure sports games like ping pong and table hockey.

“Developed specifically for Wii U, Game Party Champions has a fun, pick up-and-play style that experienced and novice gamers will equally enjoy,” said Warner Bros. senior VP of production and development Samantha Ryan.

Game Party Champions will tilt, turn, and swipe, using the Wii U's revolutionary GamePad controller to play the various games offered. Three modes will be offered: Quick Play, Store Mode, and Party Mode.

In Story Mode you will compete for the title of "World Champion". Party Mode, will have players take turns with the Wii U GamePad while the others use the Wiimote controllers to "wreak havoc on their game." The Party Mode highlights Nintendo's goal of asymmetric gameplay where the player with the Wii U GamePad takes on a special role, playing in the same game world as those with the Wiimotes, but has a different perspective on the same game being played.

While the more hardcore gamers may frown upon such a title being announced for the Wii U, it's important to remember Nintendo has a diverse following and that these type of party games are necessary for the Wii U to appeal to gamers of all ages.

Game Party Champions will be joining the Wii U's already impressive lineup of launch titles when it releases later this holiday season.

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