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Game-ify your life with the Razer Nabu

razer nabu

Razer announced today that over 10,000 developers signed up in the first 24 hours of enrollment to work on the Razer Nabu, a smartband that was unveiled at CES last year. The Nabu dev kits are shipping in the next few weeks to developers who were approved, at the low price of $49. 

The Razer Nabu is a smartband that displays your smarphone notifications, collects data and communicates with other Nabu bands, and tracks bio data (distance traveled, steps walked), location, and sleep data -- if you want it to. It's not some 'Big Brother' device that the NSA will track you with. I mean, they probably will, but whatever. There's also a social part to the Nabu, where you can find nearby friends or people have a Nabu, exchange contact info and play multiplayer games.

Also, the Nabu will gamify your activities. You'll earn bonus points and achievements for tasks such as running an extra mile or going to bed earlier. 

The Nabu will work with iOS and Android. There's no release date or price yet. To learn more about the Nabu, visit

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