Game Freak wants to release its music platformer HarmoKnight stateside

Screenshot - HarmoKnight

Pokemon developer Game Freak wants to release its new 3DS title, music platformer Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, outside of Japan.

“In terms of a North American or European release, it's definitely something we'd like to do, but we're working out the details with Nintendo now and seeing what would be the best way to get that to players,” said producer Junichi Masuda.

James Turner, a British national who works at the company, conceived the idea for the game, and his team of 24 members have been working on HarmoKnight for a year and a half — so it's not what you'd expect from the longtime makers of Pokemon.

"Within Game Freak, we've implemented a kind of new system where employees can come up with original ideas for their games,” said Masuda. “If they can find at least three coworkers to jump on the project and say they want to do it together, then they'll be able to proceed with that project.”

Game Freak also made the non-Pokemon game Drill Dozer in 2006.

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