Game Developer magazine ceases publication after 19 years

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UBM Tech has ended publication of the print and digital Game Developer magazine, which has been in circulation for 19 years. The last issue releases in June/early July.

Gamasutra, which is also owned by UBM, is taking a hit as well. News editor Frank Cifaldi tweeted, "I didn't work for Game Developer, but I got hit by the same restructuring, so I'm no longer at Gamasutra."

"Game Developer magazine, which I worked on for eight years (one more as a columnist/adviser), is closing," tweeted Brandon Sheffield, the senior contributing editor of Gamasutra. "End of an era."

The closures are part of a "strategic shift in the company's focus toward a unique business model," according to a public statement. Game Developer will "transition to become a section in Gamasutra." Legacy content will move to the site, "where we also hope to continue publishing new Game Developer-centric content from some of our regular contributors," wrote the Gamasutra staff.

Gamasutra has over 1 million unique monthly visitors and 3.5 million page views per month.

Parent company UBM "is simultaneously shifting other print publications either to digital only or to website-specific content, orienting them to help support our growing community-centric events such as Game Developers Conference," wrote Gamasutra.

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