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Game designer Kenji Eno passes away at age 42

Kenji Eno

Kenji Eno, the creator of the D horror titles, died yesterday from heart failure at age 42.

The designer and musician (less known for the latter role outside of Japan) made the iOS game One-Dot Enemies and the WiiWare puzzler You, Me, and the Cubes, among others. He founded his own studios, including his second and arguably best-known, Warp, which developed the D series.

Warp also released Real Sound: The Wind's Regret, an audio adventure made with visually impaired players in mind. Eno also composed the music for Sega Rally 2.

Despite joining the industry at an early age, Eno all but dropped out of it around the year 2000, only to return later on.

Rhod Broadbent, who had complimented Eno's work, said in a comment to Eurogamer, "The games industry has lost a brilliant creator and an unusual thinker. Eno's You, Me and the Cubes especially exudes a rare class and tactility, a unique, lonely ambience, and a beautifully functional stage select menu so pleasant to use it could be played with as much as the game it framed."

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