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Galaxy Online: Official Site Launched

February 13, 2009

Galaxy Online: Official Site Launched

With the Galaxy Online Alpha Test right around the corner, the GO team is pleased to announce that the official Galaxy Online website will be launched at 9:00am GMT-5 on Feb 13th. This site will be a resource for the testers and all players in the future, as well as serve the community as a place to follow what’s happening in the game.

Detailed game information and forums are currently available for viewing. The official encourages you all to stop by often to learn more about Galaxy Online. Pay close attention to the Web site for more details.

Galaxy Online is a strategic online game designed by IGG. Within the vast expanses of space, Galaxy Online combines many unique design elements, including a commerce system, planetary colonization, warship design, fleet command, imperial expansion and much, much more. Expand your horizons and experience epic journeys to far off places, all in Galaxy Online!

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