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Gaijin Games Doesn't Like That Blasted 3DS Nub Add-On


We all like analog nubs. We just don't like having to buy them for a console after said console has been on the market for months. It's absurd, and it's an indication that the platform was rushed and shipped out unfinished. In an interview with Tiny Cartridge, Gaijin Games CEO Alex Neuse explained why he thinks it's a bunch of BS, too.

"I think it's total crap," said Neuse. "I'm very frustrated as a consumer. It seems obvious to me that it's only a matter of time until Nintendo releases a new 3DS with a second circle pad on it, and then what am I going to do? I'm going to give them more of my money. Like I always do."

Neuse went on to talk about developers' outlooks on new hardware and peripherals such as the analog nub. "From one perspective, new hardware is very exciting, but from another perspective, it's very risky; because if your game requires it, that means that you're forcing the player to have that hardware," stated the Gaijin boss. "And not all consumers will have bought the device."

Neuse makes some very good points. As a consumer, the whole analog nub horror story is a total bummer. And from the looks of it, it seems it's an annoyance for not only gamers, but developers, as well. Nintendo, I like you, but you f*cked up.

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