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Gaijin Games Acquires Robotube


Yesterday, Gaijin Games announced on the official company blog that they had taken over puzzle game developer Robotube Games. The lighthearted blog post was a somewhat comical take on the current trend of company takeovers. "In what can only be called an 'extremely hostile takeover,' Gaijin has followed in the footsteps of other legendary game studios like Activision and EA and has gone on a company acquisition rampage this year. Our first victim: Robotube Games."

Robotube is known for its online puzzle games such as Bloktonik, currently in development for WiiWare, and also Zyrx, available for the iPhone. Considering Gaijin's success with the Bit.Trip series, it's going to be interesting to see how this new "hostile takeover" influences the gaming market. If anything, it seems to be a likely pairing, and one that should conceive some quality puzzlers. Best of luck to Gaijin and Robotube.


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