Gaijin promotes Bit.Trip with free browser game Commander Video

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Screenshot - Commander Video

Gaijin Games launched its first browser game today that stars the Bit.Trip series mascot, Commander Video.

Commander Video is an endless runner available to play online for free. It stretches out one of the 16-bit stages from the side-scrolling platformer Runner2, which Gaijin released earlier this year. GameZone writer David Sanchez called it "a flawless victory in game design" in his review.

In Commando Video, players can jump, slide, kick, block, and spring using the spacebar and arrow keys, and collecting gold bars unlocks secret characters. You can also view your place on the leaderboards.

The developer also teased an "amazing future announcement" for the near future.


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