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Gaijin Entertainment: PS4 makes 'huge step towards ease of development'


Another game studio has praised the PS4's architecture. Creative director Kirill Yudintsev of Gaijin Entertainment, the studio working to bring War Thunder to PS4, praised the system's design and architecture, claiming "Sony really made a huge step towards ease of development."

"PlayStation 3 was very power, for that generation, but it was much harder to exploit," Yudintsev told GameZone.

"The power was mostly in SPU units," he explained. "We had to spend a lot of time developing code for the PS3."

The PS4, he says, "is much more accessible." War Thunder was originally designed as a PC game, but because of the PS4 features Kirill told me that the studio is going to be able to develop "a lot of really cool features that are not currently presented in the PC version. These features will be ready for PS4 players right from the start."

Back in April, Epic Games VP Mark Rein praised Sony's decision to use "off-the-shelf PC parts" in the PS4. Reign even raised the notion that PS4 titles could even surpass what "most PCs" are capable of achieving due to memory limitations of the 32-bit versions of Windows. It's an idea that even Yudintsev brought up when he told me that War Thunder on PS4 will have "greater visuals, at least for some time" than the average PC.

Be sure to check back for the full interview with Gaijin Entertainment's Kirill Yudintsev which will be posted later this week. And follow @Matt_GZ on Twitter for all the gaming news you can handle.

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