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Gaia Online Enlists 500,000 Players in First Weeks of zOMG! Open Beta

December 4, 2008

Gaia Online Enlists 500,000 Players in First Weeks of zOMG! Open Beta

Colossal Crowds Challenge the Eccentric Animated Opposition

Gaia Online, the world's most active online community, today announced a deluge of 500,000 players have already bombarded the towns of zOMG! since the game entered Open Beta on November 6th. Curious to learn more about the new free, flash-based MMORPG, once idle spectators are quickly deserting the sidelines for a frolic through the fantastical worlds of zOMG!

Gaia virtual world community members celebrate the arrival of new allies to join their crusade, beat the baddies and restore order to their towns and countryside. Absurdity ensues as these early enlisters unite and pioneer their way through zOMG!, encountering Animated adversaries, unraveling mysteries, discovering undisturbed zones and revealing myriad rings, recipes and mini-games along the way.

“Positive feedback from satisfied players not only aids our team in modifying and ultimately perfecting the zOMG! gameplay experience; it is truly rewarding,” said David Georgeson, Senior Producer of zOMG! at Gaia Online. “After a lengthy development process, it’s almost surreal to watch players dig right into the storyline and begin realizing the game’s full potential.”

Gaia Online is no stranger to success – the Gaia virtual world community has been a thriving destination for years, boasting more than seven million monthly members who participate daily in Gaia’s forums and virtual goods marketplace. In today’s troubled economy, a free-to-play escape is welcomed by audiences across the country. With no download, credit card or experience required, you’re only a few mouse clicks away from the lovely, lively adventures waiting to be revealed in zOMG!

To see for yourself why zOMG! has seen such a sensational initial response, visit  to join the action, see the trailer and learn more.

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