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Gabob has released the 1.2 update for Now Boarding,

May 12, 2009

Indie Success

Gabob LLC, an independent game developer, has released the 1.2 update for Now Boarding, an action-tycoon game. The update is the result of ongoing efforts to bring value to fans, and further refine the game. Existing users can get the latest update by visiting our website.

Features of the new update:

  • Significant effort went into increasing the performance. When gameplay gets hectic, the game keeps running smoothly.

  • The update includes a new map - The Caribbean! The Caribbean presents a unique layout of cities that requires new strategies. Some cities are huge and expensive, but many of the small islands are cheap. Also watch out for cities evacuating from hurricanes during parts of the year.

  • New interface feature - players can now see which cities are growing or shrinking at the end of a month. When passengers from a city stay happy, that city will grow, bringing more customers.

  • Thanks to great feedback from the players, the reported bugs were fixed, and gameplay is refined.

About the Game:

In Now Boarding, passengers must get to various destinations before they freak out. The player renovates the terminal, adding restaurants and shops to keep passengers pacified. Purchasing larger and exotic aircraft increases the capacity of passengers that can be delivered. Expanding to new cities adds customers, giving the player more income, but also magnifies complexity. Hiring employees to take over some tasks is critical in order to handle the increasing load.

Success of the Game:

Through resourceful marketing, Gabob reached a large audience and Now Boarding continues to be discovered by players worldwide. By using the new Abode AIR based techology, Now Boarding was unable to use older DRM schemes and work through traditional distribution channels. Instead, Gabob turned to the flourishing free flash game sites, and the web version of Now Boarding has reached over 3 million players.

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