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G4 Punishes Audience with Television Premiere of Tekken Movie


I don't know how much money Namco Bandai paid G4 for this move, but we're certainly hoping it covers the cost of all the personal injury lawsuits that will soon be filed, viewers attempting to stab their own eyes out of their heads rather than witness the nightmare known as the Tekken movie.

That's right, viewers will be able to see the U.S. television premiere of Tekken on G4 this Saturday, November 26th at 9PM ET, with the announcement and trailer seen here on G4's website.We're assuming this has something to do with the recent release of Tekken Hybrid, which packaged together both Tekken Tag Tournament HD and the new CG Tekken movie "Blood Vengeance." Truth is we kind of like Tekken, and we're especially looking forward to both of the Capcom tie-in games, as well as Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However the zany plot and outlandish characters just don't lend themselves well to the world of film, and based on that 32% Rotten Tomatoes score, the critics seem to agree.

Now then, if they made a Kuma movie, that we would understand. There's just not enough good bear-centric cinema these days...

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