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FusionFall Launches Dexlabs Upgrade 1: Speed and Style

July 22, 2009

FusionFall Launches Dexlabs Upgrade 1: Speed and Style

Cartoon Network New Media announced today the launch of a new content update to their AAA, browser-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall.

The Dexlabs Upgrade 1: Speed and Style now offers players the opportunity in-game to rent a hoverboard, jetbike or cloud as their own transportation device through a newly introduced shop called Kevin’s Hot Rod Rentals. Kevin is one of the main characters in Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 shows.

The upgrade also introduces E.G.G.E.R.s (Egg Generating Gizmo Ejects Rewards) to the game. Players can approach these machines in-game and purchase E.G.G.s (Everyone Gets Goods) which contain all kinds of prizes, from gumballs to ultra-rare items.

Another new addition to the game is the Croc Pot Catering Company. This new feature allows players to upgrade the stats on their favorite gear by combining it with higher-level gear. Several exciting missions have also been added to the game that involve a new Cartoon Network NPC, Cheese from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

FusionFall is a re-imagined and futuristic three-dimensional adventure set during an alien invasion of the Cartoon Network universe. Thrust into the role of a cartoon boy or girl, players will team up with other players and Cartoon Network characters to visit more than 60 different playable areas and defend the Cartoon Network universe from an alien invasion of epic proportions. The game is the first AAA browser-based MMOG for kids playable on both Mac and PC, and currently has more than 5.5 million registered accounts.

Players can visit the official site at and immediately start playing with all these new updates.

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