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FURY Challenge Pushes Critical Mass with its First Competition Weekend September 28-30

September 28, 2007

FURY Challenge Pushes Critical Mass with its First Competition Weekend September 28-30

This weekend FURY will reach the pinnacle of its testing with the first competition weekend of its Open Beta event - the FURY Challenge. The event kicks off with a bang - full-on competitions spanning seven ladders have players competing for over $2 Million in prizes. To allow for two full weekends of competition and mid-week practice sessions, the release date is now scheduled for October 16, 2007. Auran is opening up the field to everyone before the game even hits the shelves by inviting all players, from veteran FURY testers to one-timers to FURY virgins, to get out there and show their stuff! The FURY Challenge gives players their first real chance to experience the game the way it was designed to be played (and to win some cool loot as well).

There’s no doubt that learning a new game can be frustrating especially when you’re faced with higher ranking opponents or someone who has been playing the game for months, but that’s about to change. Since FURY is meant to be all about FUN, Auran has been working hard on addressing these issues to ensure that every player, of every rank, gets the chance to mix it up in a well balanced match. More fun brings more players, more players improve the whole matchmaking process, and thus we start a snowball effect which will help push FURY to critical mass this weekend. In short, the FURY Challenge is a chance to sample the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

Here’s a list of some recent improvements that will smooth the learning curve and help players experience FURY as it’s meant to be played:

  • Test out multiple Incarnations prior to battling against human opponents. Players can roll a new character and test drive all the Incarnations by picking up a FURY Challenge Authentication Code here:
  • Equip Points for Reborns, Initiates and Disciples have been increased so you can immediately buy additional starter abilities and customize your incarnation.
  • It is easier and faster to go through the Ranks so that even after just a few hours, you have reached a competitive level (and for FURY Challenge we have capped Ranks to make things a little more balanced)
  • Bloodbath and Vortex matches are smaller (16 man FFA BB and 8 v 8 VTX teams). This ensures a tighter grouping of player Skill Ratings for the match and thus more even matches.
  • Player Skill Rating calculations (used by the Matchmaker) have been amended to ensure a wider spread from newbie to expert. This makes it easier for the matchmaker to find similar skilled players.
  • Numerous balance changes have been made in response to player feedback which should enable a variety of effective tactics to be employed to counter “flavor of the week” builds.
  • A “Newbie Offense and Defense” bonus has been added to help players who die frequently build up their offensive and defensive ratings to help make them more competitive. This works off Avatar Rank not Incarnation Rank so will only affect new avatars.

Of course the other big motivation for getting into FURY Challenge is the prize pool which has grown to over $2 Million. Check out a sample of the Prizes being offered:

  • Dell XPS computers - Desktop 720 and M2010 Notebook
  • NVIDIA GeForce 8600 Graphics Cards
  • Logitech Peripherals – G15 Keyboards and G5 Mice
  • Ideazon Gaming Keyboards
  • Gamestop Vouchers ranging from $10 to $500 dollars
  • Thousands of CybershotsZ 12 packs
  • 100,000 GameRail subscriptions
  • IGN/Fileplanet subscriptions

And more…

FURY Challenge prizes will be rewarded for player-skill rather than time spent playing. Players may participate in any particular Battle Type as many times as they like, but only their 10 Best Performances are used to determine the position on a relevant ladder. Using this method, each of these ladders will evaluate the best player/best clan whom will each receive the appropriate prize package. The full prize list can be seen here:

There are 7 different ladders to compete in:

  • Individual ladders for each of the three Battle Types: Elimination, Vortex and Bloodbath.
  • Clan ladder for each of the two team based Battle Types: Elimination and Vortex.
  • An individual “All Battle Types” ladder
  • A Clan “All Battle Types” ladder

FURY Challenge Events:

  • First Competition Weekend – Sept 28-30th
  • Mid-Week Practice Period – Sept 31st – Oct 4th
  • Second Competition Weekend – Oct 5-7th

*Mid Week Practice sessions available only to players who have pre-ordered FURY from an authorized retailer.

For all information regarding the FURY Challenge, from registering and downloading the client to a complete prize listing and tournament details, please visit

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