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Funcom adds new content to Age of Conan

May 7, 2009

Funcom adds new content to Age of Conan

Ymir’s Pass features new storyline

“Man,” said he, “tell me your name, so that my brothers in Vanaheim may know who was the last of Wulfhere’s band to fall before the sword of Heimdul.”

“Not in Vanaheim,” growled the black-haired warrior, “but in Valhalla will you tell your brothers that you met Conan of Cimmeria.”

-          - From Robert E. Howard’s “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter.

Those who have followed the tales of Howard’s Conan will be delighted to know that content based on Howard’s stories is being integrated into Funcom’s massively multiplayer game, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Funcom has been working diligently to expand the content for players, and not only will gamers find an adventure based on the short story, but upper level characters will need to get a group together for an end-game dungeon called Xibaluku. Xibaluku is for groups of level 80 characters and is packed with boss encounters that will certainly challenge gamers.

But that’s not merely the last of the changes affecting the MMO since it launched. The launch dungeons have been revamped and improved to provide better game play and rewards.

Generally, all the new content is geared for players of all ages. Craig Morrison, game director, stated “I am very proud of the efforts that have been undertaken since launch to address the various issues identified by our players, as well as the improvements and additions that we have made to the game.”

With new quests added and new in-game rewards for players of all levels, it is obvious the Conan team is listening to its community and improving the game to provide a more robust experience.

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