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Fumito Ueda Tweets About The Last Guardian


Last week we reported on rumors regarding Team Ico's Fumito Ueda. According to reports, the creator of the upcoming PlayStation 3 title The Last Guardian had decided to part ways with Sony. The game was still said to be in development, but as of the completion of The Last Guardian, it was speculated that Ueda would be working on his own personal projects.

We have yet to receive confirmation regarding these rumors, but Ueda did take to Twitter today to talk about both Ico and The Last Guardian. As reported on GiantBomb, December 6 is the official 10-year anniversary of Ico, and Ueda decided to mention the occasion via tweet. With that said, happy 10th anniversary, Ico! (Keep in mind, this is the Japanese anniversary.)

Additionally, Ueda mildly addressed the recent rumors, or rather the possible events surrounding those rumors. He explained that The Last Guardian was still in development, which is most certainly excellent news.

Whether or not Ueda is still with Sony is currently unknown, but at least we know that the highly anticipated fantasy action-adventure game is still in the works. As I said in my original news story, it would be a shame for such a desired game to get the axe over circumstances such as Ueda leaving Sony. Here's hoping we get some more information on the matter in the near future.

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