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'Full blown' Halo 4 campaign demo to lead off Microsoft E3 press conference


If you are looking for Halo 4 coverage at E3 you may want to tune in to Microsoft's E3 press conference on Monday, June 4 - particularly the first 10 minutes.

According to 343 Industries' Creative Director Josh Holmes, the highly anticipated Halo 4 will lead off the Microsoft presentation with a 10 minute demo of the campaign.

"We're going to be doing a full blown campaign demo of Halo 4," Holmes said. "This is the most ambitious campaign of any Halo game to date and we're going to be showing a few things, a few surprises. It will be awesome."

This is a change from the last few Microsoft E3 press conferences which were led off by Call of Duty games from Activision and usually ended with Halo announcements, but given the hype surrounding Halo 4 and the question marks surrounding 343 Industries and their first ever original Halo game, it's understandable why they'd be eager to prove themselves early. 

Just yesterday, 343 Industries boarded the E3 hype train and sort of teased the excitement surroudning Halo 4.

"We’ve been working on our E3 presentation and booth experience for weeks - and the game for years. While the reveals up to this point have been on the small side, we’re excited at the prospect of finally lifting our proverbial skirt and showing you exactly what we’ve got," community manager Jessica Shea teased.  None of the reveals were spoiled, but we should expect to see an in-depth look at the story, some new enemies, and maybe the Spartan Ops mode.

343 Industries probably wants to set the tone and make a splash at E3 and prove to everybody they can not only make a solid Halo game, but take the franchise to the next level.  The company has already revealed certain features like the all-new Halo Infinity which looks to "redefine the multiplayer experience."

Microsoft's E3 press conference will be shown live at 12:30 p.m. EST on Monday, June 4. You can watch it on Spike TV or stream it over the web from

Halo 4 is set to launch on November 6 for Xbox 360 exclusively.


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