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FTL: Faster Than Light developer leaks more details about PC Advanced Edition


Subset Games has let slip more details about the upcoming Advanced Edition, a free expansion for space roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light, which it released for PC in 2012.

"We’ve been quiet for the last couple of months, but rest assured that’s only because we’re hard at work trying to finish both the expansion and the iPad port," wrote Subset in a blog post.

"We still do not have a date for when everything will be complete, but we’ll be sure to tell everyone once we do. Until then, we thought we’d share some more details about the new ship systems that you’ll be installing on your Kestrel sometime in the relatively near future."

One of those systems is the Clone Bay, an alternative to the Medbay that heals all crew a little with each jump. These clones also replace crew members who die at the cost of some of their skills.

"The goal of the Clone Bay was to really disrupt the core way you play the game," wrote Subset. "You’ll be able to send crew off into dangerous situations without fear of death. Giant alien spiders will no longer be the terrifying, unstoppable force that you’re used to since the system can simply revive your crew after the event. But, if a stray missile takes out the system mid-clone, you’ll find death can still be quite permanent."

Subset has also refined hacking, installed a back-up battery for ships, and introduced the Mind Control system, which turns a single enemy into a friend.

And there's a Hard mode for those who find the dangers of space too easy. "More challenging enemy generation, lower scrap rewards, and other small tweaks should help keep the game interesting for anyone who might be bored of Normal," the developer wrote.

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