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FTL Advanced Edition sets its release date to confirmed


FTL: Faster Than Light is a fairly addicting roguelike that is both punishing and rewarding. Let's call it the Dark Souls of spaceship roguelikes. The game's success spawned a new updated version, called the Advanced Edition, which will come as a free update to PC players and a completely standalone version for the first time on iPad. And you won't have to wait long, since the game is set to release on April 3rd.

The iPad version of FTL will require an iPad version 2 or higher (iPad 1 is not supported) and will cost the same as the PC version, $10. It will be the complete game, including the new Advanced Edition content, and will not have any in-app purchases. We are proud to say that the iPad version is a true equivalent to the PC in the experience it provides, which is why we are price matching to the PC version.

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